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Upgrade Kits

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  • Agitator Kit, PermaGreen PermaGreen

    PermaGreen® Agitator Kit

    This universal agitator fits all PermaGreen® machines and Lesco push spreaders.  The patented PermaGreen® Agitator Kit is great for preventing clogging in the hopper holes while spreading fertilizer, seed, rock salt, or any other product used in the Triumph. Also, provides a consistent, full spread for better accuracy and results. 


  • Agitator, Universal PermaGreen Upgrade Kit w/Cam PermaGreen

    PermaGreen® Agitator - Universal Upgrade Kit w/ Cam

    The PermaGreen® Agitator Upgrade Kit can be used on older model Magnum and Triumphs. Also, fits Lesco push spreaders. This kit will include the PermaGreen® Agitator as well as the Cam & Shaft for the Agitator, along with a wrench to tighten the set screw needed to tighten the Agitator on the Shaft.


  • Spring Adjuster Kit

    Spring Adjuster Kit

    All Triumph Models.  Kit will allow user to put more tension on IDLER SPRING, resulting in longer use.  Directions included. ***WATCH VIDEO BELOW***


  • Agitator Upgrade KIT Complete-2012 to present

    Agitator Upgrade KIT Complete-2012 to present

    This kit can be used for ALL Triumph owned machines 2012 to present. This kit is good for replacing most main spreading parts. Kit includes step by step instructions and includes the following part: 1 qty T422100-Straight Fin Spinner Platter 1 qty T100103-Permagreen Agitator Cam & Shaft 1 qty T422400-Permagreen Agitator Kit-The PermaGreen® Agitator Upgrade Kit can be used on older model Magnum and Triumphs. Also, fits Lesco push spreaders 1 qty T651969-Shaft Block with Striker 1 qty T422310 B-Spinner Shaft Complete 1 qty T101615-Hopper Guide Tool  


  • Super Duty Shaft Block Assembly

    Super Duty Shaft Block Assembly

    Super Duty Block set is the last block set you will ever order. Block connects the Spinner shaft to the gearbox. This brass block has a striker to vibrate the hood. This keeps fertilizer from building up on the hood. Best Block you will ever own. Part included on this assembly 2 qty P645240-1/4-20x1 Bolt 4 qty R651480-Lock Washer 1/4 2 qty T645845-1/4-20 x 1/4-Cone Point set screw 2 qty T645243-1/4-20 x 1-1/2 bolt 1 qty T651937-Shaker Striker 1 qty T651936-Back-up Block Plate


  • 2015-Hood Shaker Kit

    2015-Hood Shaker Kit

    Hood Shaker fits all Triumph Machines. This upgrade kit helps to vibrate fertilizer off of the hood. Spreading most of the fertilizer instead of collecting on the hood. Block has a finger that strikes a metal plate, which vibrates hood continuously. Hood Shakers were first assembled on machines in 2015.(Starting with C1C-2015 Triumph)  If you have A1A and B1B Triumphs build between 2010 to 2014 buy this upgrade kit today. This was not a standard kit during those years. If you need to replace existing parts, this kit should have everything you need to replace worn parts.



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