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  • Belt, Drive Triumph PermaGreen

    Drive Belt (Triumph all models)

    .Drive Belt for the PermaGreen® Triumph. This belt goes around the wet clutch pulley and drives the transaxle.


  • Belt, Spinner Triumph PermaGreen

    Spinner Belt (Triumph)

    (all Triumph models)  Spinner Belt for the Triumph. Goes around the spinner gearbox pulley, pump pulley, and gearbox pulley.


  • Cable, Throttle Triumph PermaGreen

    Throttle Cable (Triumph)

    (all Triumph models) This is the throttle cable for the Triumph. It connects with the throttle lever on the right handlebar and the control lever on top of the engine.


  • Spring, Idler Kit Triumph

    Spring, Idler Kit Triumph

    (fits All Triumph Engine Plate)  This kit is used to replace Idler spring on Motor plate. T651945-Brass S Hook w/bend is bolted to the motor plate.   This spring creates tension on the Idler pulley. Used with both Honda and Vanguard Motors.  


  • Rod End, Shift Cable Triumph PermaGreen

    Shift Cable Rod End (Triumph)

    (fits All Triumph)  This part is on Part#T654030-Shift Cable Assembly. Rod end is screwed onto end of shift cable to allow attach to shift arm and lever to shift machine into gear.


  • Spring, Spray Valve Triumph 3" PermaGreen

    Spring, Spray Valve Triumph 3"

    (fits all Magnum models) (fits all Triumph models) Magnum models used this spring to pull the main spray valve.  3" Spray Valve Spring is used on to help pull closed the main spray valve on the Triumph as well as use do the deflector of the Triumph. All Triumph models use this spring for Throttle spring.


  • Filter, Air PermaGreen

    Air Filter

    (Triumph models serial #10501-19230) (all Magnum models) with Honda Engines


  • Transaxle, Triumph PermaGreen

    Transaxle, Triumph-Kit (UPS Signature Required)

    (fits all Triumph models)  This kit includes Transaxle with heat shield to protect the transaxle. Dual pulleys and drum hub attach for breaking system. Brake Covers and Tire hubs with lug nuts to attach Rims for easy assembly. Lastly, hardware nuts, bolts, and washers to attached the transaxle with easy schematic instructions to simplify assembly. Listed below is a parts breakdown: Parts pre-assembled on Transaxle: 1-P653601-V-Pulley, A3.5 x 3/4" 1-R651628-3/16 x 1-1/2 Machine Key (assembled with pulley) 1-T654935-Hub Drum Assembly (Check kit T654930 for reference) 2-T651610-1/2" External Retaining Ring (Secure T654935) 2-T651615-1/2" Flat Washer (Secure T654935) 1-T101770-Shift Arm 1-P210110-Bolt, 1/4-28 x 1/2 Hardened Parts attached to transaxle be removed used to mounted on machine 4-U650691-Bolt, 5/16-18 x 3  4-R651214-Lock Nut, 5/16-18 4-651422-Washer 5/16  4-R651482-Lock Washer, 5/16 4-R650122-Bolt, 5/16-18 x 1 2-T650850-Washer Bag/Box Parts to assembly on transaxle: 2-P654725-Hub w/Drum 4-R651404-Lug Nut 1/2 4-T651406-1/2 x 1" Lug Nut 5-P651512-Washer, 1" x 18 ga 2-P651705-E Clip, 1" 2-P651640-Key, 1/4 x 1-1/2 1-P653601-V-Pulley, A3.50 x 3/4" 1-T210111-Transaxle Vent 2-T654283-Black Hub Cap 1" 2-R347041-Wire Tire 8" 2-T101708-Top Brake Cover 2-T654053-Brake Cover Assembly Instructions to assemble on machine


  • Smart Steer Cable

    Smart Steer Cable

    (fits all Triumph models) Attaches just under handle bar and connects to front smart steer hub band.   


  • Cable, Shift Assembly PermaGreen

    Triumph Shift Cable Assembly

    (all Triumph models)  This is the shift cable for the Triumph. It connects with the shift lever underneath the left handlebar, and the shift arm on the transaxle. It will help control the shifting of gears on the machine. You will receive the shift cable and one plastic rod end.


  • Spring, Throttle Return Honda Engine Triumph/Magnum PermaGreen

    Throttle Return Spring (Honda Engine)

    (fits all Magnum models) (fits Triumph models Serial #10501-19230) with GX200 Honda Engine


  • Damper, Kit Complete PermaGreen

    Dampener Kit Complete (for all Triumph models) Motor Mount

    (all Triumph models)  This dampener kit is used to absorb engine vibration and allow for a more comfortable ride on all Triumph models. These are located between the engine plate and the frame of the machine. Upgrades have been made to this kit. New and improved dampeners with spring adjustment bracket to help keep idler springs in place. The following parts are include in the kit: 4 qty T449415-Dampener Assembly 1 qty T101582 Spring Brkt 1 qty P651660 1/4-20 x 5/8 Bolt 3 qty R651216 Lock Nut 1/4-20 2 qty P650100 Bolt 1/4-20 x 2 SS 2 qty T651255 Engine Vibration Dampener 4 qty T645880 5/16-18 x 5/8 Bolt 4 qty R651214 Lock Nut 5/16-18 8 qty R651482 Lock washer 5/16 This kit is subject to continued improvements, parts may vary in amounts.


Drive Train / Engine


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