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  • Belt, Spinner Triumph PermaGreen

    Spinner Belt (Triumph)

    (all Triumph models)  Spinner Belt for the Triumph. Goes around the spinner gearbox pulley, pump pulley, and gearbox pulley.


  • Spray, Valve Kit Triumph PermaGreen

    Spray Valve Kit Triumph

    (fits all Triumph models) This kit is used on all triumphs. Kit includes the following parts: 1) P205010-Spray Valve 2) R452222-Fitting, 1/4 mpt x 3/8 Hose 3) T454245-3/8 mpt x 3/8 hose barb 4) R347042-Wire Tire, Stud 5) R347041-Wire Tire 8 BUV (2) 6) R4841243-Hose Clamp #38 (2) 7) P205020-Spring 3" (not shown in picture) This kit is used to replace spray valve. Kit includes hose fittings, wire tires and hose clamps to completely change out spray valve.  


  • Cable, Spray PermaGreen

    Spray Cable (Triumph)

    (all Triumph models) This is the spray cable for the Triumph. It connects to the spray lever on the left handlebar and the main spray valve located under the top green panel.


  • Spring, Spray Valve Triumph 3" PermaGreen

    Spring, Spray Valve Triumph 3"

    (fits all Magnum models) (fits all Triumph models) Magnum models used this spring to pull the main spray valve.  3" Spray Valve Spring is used on to help pull closed the main spray valve on the Triumph as well as use do the deflector of the Triumph. All Triumph models use this spring for Throttle spring.


  • Pump Assembly PermaGreen

    Pump Assembly

    (fits all Triumph models) This pump is used on all Triumphs. Assembly comes with the following parts: 1 qty Pump 2 qty R651206-10x24 lock nut 1 qty R651450-3/16 Fender washer The following parts could be order along with this part: P442065-Elbow Fitting (This is the elbow that is the connecting part to the pump in plumbing assemblies) P442059-Blue Retaining Clip (This part is the clip that pushes holds the elbow fitting onto the pump. Locks Elbow in place.)


  • Diaphragm, Standard PermaGreen

    Diaphragm, Standard (Magnum and Triumph all models)

    (all Triumph models) (all Magnum models) The diaphragm is used on all PermaGreen® models. The diaphragm is a rubber disk located underneath the 8 psi cap on the nozzle body and the 20 psi and 30 psi pressure caps on the unloader valves. There are five total on every PermaGreen®. Always a good practice to have a few extra on hand.


  • Gearbox, Spinner w/ Pulley Triumph PermaGreen

    Spinner Gearbox w/ Pulley (Triumph)

    (fits all Triumph models)  This is the gearbox that is used on all Triumphs. This part engages the spinner shaft and impeller to spread granular product. This gearbox kit comes with the parts show below: 1 qty gearbox 1 qty T653710-3"OD 1/2 bore w/2 set screws 4 qty R651206-Lock Nut 1/4-20 1 qty T210165-Gearbox Heat Shield 6"    4 qty P650105-Set Screw 1/4-20 x 1 ss


  • Gasket Tank EPTD PermaGreen

    Tank Lid Gasket

    (fits all Magnum models) (fits all Triumph models) The Tank Lid Gasket is used on the Triumph model and is located on the inside of the spray lid that is used to cover the liquid tanks.


  • Lever, Brake/Spray Triumph PermaGreen

    Lever, Brake/Spray Triumph

    (all Triumph models)  Brake/Spray Lever is the plastic black levers used on both front and rear brakes, along with the spray lever located on both sides of handlebars. Old part is #T654140.


  • Strainer, Triumph External Assembly PermaGreen

    Strainer, Triumph External Assembly

    (fits Triumph models Serial #14797-present) This strainer is used to filler particle thru plumbing system. Important part of our spraying systems. Other parts that are sold separately: T466681-2016-Screen 40 M T466683-Gasket Viton T466687-1/4 in Female Top-Poly T466689-Bowl Poly    


  • Spray, Magnum Spray Valve Kit PermaGreen


  • Nozzle, Upgrade Kit PermaGreen

    Self-Centering Nozzle Kit Upgrade (Triumph)

    (fits all Triumph models) The Self-Centering Nozzle Kit automatically centers the spray swath.  It contains all four nozzles, four strainers, four nozzle caps and gaskets.  It is standard on all Triumph 2016 and newer models, but can be used to to upgrade Triumph models 2015 and older.




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