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  • Self-Centering Nozzle Kit Upgrade (Triumph)

    Self-Centering Nozzle Kit Upgrade (Triumph)

    (fits all Triumph models) The Self-Centering Nozzle Kit automatically centers the spray swath.  It contains all four nozzles, four strainers, four nozzle caps and gaskets.  It is standard on all Triumph 2016 and newer models, but can be used to to upgrade Triumph models 2015 and older. The following parts are include in this kit: 2 qty T466691-Cap, Tim 2016-Green 2 qty T466693-Cap, Wide, 2016-Yellow 1 qty T205039-Nozzle, WIDE Green HG 1 qty T205039-Nozzle, WIDE White LG 1 qty T205041-Nozzle, Trim Blue LG 1 qty T205043-Nozzle, Trim Red HG 4 qty R464724-Nozzle Strainer, 50 Mesh


  • Spring Adjuster Kit

    Spring Adjuster Kit

    All Triumph Models.  Kit will allow user to put more tension on IDLER SPRING, resulting in longer use.  Directions included. WATCH VIDEO BELOW This kit includes the following parts: 1 qty P650100-Bolt, 1/4-20 x 2 SS 2 qty R651216-Lock Nut, 1/4-20 1 qty T101582-Spring Brkt 1 qty P651660-1/4-20x 5/8 bolt 1 qty T651945-S Hook w/Bend 1 qty T651255-Engine Vibration Dampener  


  • 2015 Triumph 1/2 gal Spray Kit

    2015 Triumph 1/2 gal Spray Kit

    This half gallon spray kit is for Triumph models 2015 and older.  It allows the Triumph to spray at 64 oz per 1000 sq. ft. as opposed to the standard 32 oz per 1000 sq. ft. rate.



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